Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Wonder of Fall

I have mixed feelings about fall. 

On one hand it’s a season of wonder with fields full of dried flowers and sleepy little bees doing their last wriggling dances inside the tired blooms, scooping out every tiny bit of golden treasure that remains.

And then there’s the transformation, almost like magic, when the trees that sang a soft and simple song of green, all summer long, magnificently burst into a flaming chorus of colors. It’s a glorious show that continues on as each leafy note is eventually carried off by the wind and laid down like a patchwork quilt of sunset-colored pieces, still composing music on the ground.
There’s no denying, it is pure loveliness ~.

But on the other hand -

The cooler air that gradually tears the last dangling leaves from their branches and sends us inside to grab for hot soup and warm sweaters, is an undeniable promise that winter will soon be here, and that sort of makes me sad, even borderline depressed at times.

It’s a love-hate thing that I’m sure many of you can relate to.

Though there’s incredible beauty to behold, at the same time, it’s an ending of the warmth and the full-blooming-fabulousness that is summer. It’s the witnessing of things slowly dying, drying up, and blowing away. It’s nature quieting before a silent slumber takes place under softly fallen blankets of white, when the nights will be oh-so-long and shivering-cold.

In one word – it’s change.

And that can be hard.

Yes, change can be hard, and I’ll admit that often times I don’t welcome its coming, but change can also be good, and sometimes, even downright necessary.

There’s been quite a stretch of silence in this place from me, and I really can’t give a good answer as to why.

For many various reasons, I took a break and have been concentrating my efforts elsewhere, but off in the distant recesses of my mind, the blog quietly sits like a favorite book on the shelf, calling me to open it again and discover anew the soul-stirring story within.

I’ve always loved writing, stringing words in different ways to make an artful piece of poetry, or inking my thoughts onto paper, turning them this way, and that, until they can adequately express what my heart had been longing to say. It’s a wonderful creative outlet that I am very thankful for.

When I decided to create a place called, Captured Bits of Beauty, and hit submit on my very first post, it was definitely during a season of change. 

Being unexpectedly unemployed, I suddenly had lots of free time to think, and refocus, and a desire soon welled up in me to do something worthwhile in the midst of feeling slightly worthless. It certainly filled a need in me at the time and it also gave me a chance to perhaps encourage or inspire others, and that’s such a heart-warming thought!

I’m so grateful to my faithful friends who come to visit me here! It’s hard to believe it’s been just about a year since I set a piece of my heart out on the internet for all the world to see, (well, at least my little corner of it), but I have to say, I’m so glad I did! 

I’m glad that I pushed through the doubts and fear and prayed for God to help me write words that He can use to touch the heart of another. Oh, how I hope and pray that something spoken here may have brightened someone’s day, but even more so, may have touched a heart with the light and love that only God can give.

He is my reason for living and He has carried me through every bit of change that has entered into my life. Changes that were good, bad, and certainly at times, very ugly, and I know in His perfect love and faithfulness, He will continue to do so until one glorious day - 

when He carries me right home.

I’ve been feeling lately, that more change is in the air. There’s a breeze that comes carrying His whisper, but it’s still a bit too faint for me to clearly hear. I’m not sure what it will mean, but I’m certain that He is right now working it all out for my good and for His glory.

And with that thought, I’m asking something of my friends here, I have not asked before. 

Will you please pray for me? 

Pray that I will be open to whatever change God has for me, and that trusting obedience will be my response?

I’ll be forever grateful if you will, and please let me know if I can pray for you as well! 

It’s amazing grace how prayers weaved in and through each other’s lives tie us all together and lift us straight to the Grand Weaver Himself, who is making a magnificent masterpiece with every single thread, in every single season of life.

Which brings me back to fall. . .

I’m watching leaves swirling around outside right now, dancing and whispering, reminding again of all that change can bring.

Hmmm. . .   I think I’ll string a pretty one up inside my window. . . 

and reflect upon the wonder of it all.

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  1. Oh. Your photos. Your words strung in poetic beauty. I love this. I, too, feel the love-hate pull at fall. For me, it's more a melancholy, a sadness, for how brief this season is, and yes, of what comes right after. Autumn always blows over far earlier than I am ready to release its wonder and mystery. In these stirrings you are sensing, I pray you would hear what your ears and heart need to know for the next season.

    1. Thank you for your wonderfully kind words, Amber! Melancholy is such a great word to describe the angst of watching the beauty fade away too quickly (*sigh*). And thank you so very much for praying for me!! Such a beautiful thing, to pray for one another. I pray that God will continue to use you, sweet sister, to encourage others and shine for His kingdom!