Saturday, November 22, 2014

Clothed in Splendor

I have few words to share today, but wanted to share this image.

I am always in awe of the quiet beauty that God places all around us…

Beauty, that drips from the heavens, and springs up from the earth, a continual telling of the glory of God in a language not heard, but felt by the heart. 

Beauty, beheld with the eyes that softly reaches in, 

to touch the very soul.

These crystalline beads of ice strung on thin threads of grass speak that language to me. A love language from God Himself, reminding that if He places sparkling jewels on dried up grass in the field, how much more does He care for me? For you? 

How much more beauty does He have waiting for me, if I will be surrendered to Him like the flowers, and trees, and each tiny blade of grass?

I can scarcely imagine…

But, oh…    
how I want to find out!

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Singing His Praise

I love to take walks on a sunshiny day, camera in hand, and prayers on my heart.

Just to walk alone in nature and lift up my prayers and my praise is such a special time, and when I stop to take a closer look, and snap a picture or two, (or four hundred as I’ve been known to do in one outing – ha!), I’m always amazed at the discovery of tiny, intricate details, that God has lovingly placed in His creation.

Does it ever make you wonder, why He took great care to place such incredible beauty in hidden places where most eyes will never see it?

I mean for thousands of years, before there were microscopes and macro lenses, there were undiscovered worlds of wonders inside the most delicate flowers, and even still, there are places all over this planet that have never had human eyes look upon them. Just imagine what untold artistry is on display that we will never see in our lifetimes.

Though our eyes will never gaze upon some things, God sees it all.

He sees everything. He MADE everything!

But if not just for us, and our enjoyment, then what did He make everything for?

I love how this verse reads in the Names of God bible translation:

“The whole earth will worship You.
    It will make music to praise You.
        It will make music to praise Your Name.”
- Psalm 66:4

The whole earth   ~   worshiping! 

Just dwell on that thought for a moment . . .   

All of the time, all of His creation, making music and singing praise to God!

And if that is so, don’t you wish you could hear all the songs the earth is singing?!

What kinds of voices do the flowers have? Does it make a difference what color they are? Do the rocks and stones sing in deep baritone? Are the trees singing tenor and the wispy clouds in falsetto? What kind of harmonies float up to heaven on a sun-soaked day or in the darkest of nights?

Oh, what a wonderful world He has made! All for His glory and praise!

How much do we miss every day, in our busy little lives? How much beauty do we just pass by?

I don’t want to take it for granted. I want to marvel at every bit of beauty in this world and tune my heart to sing right along. I want to join with all of creation making music to praise His Name!

Let’s all join the glorious chorus when we step out into this great-big-beautiful world.

Each of us using the unique voice He has given us ~

making beautiful music to His Name.

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