Saturday, November 22, 2014

Clothed in Splendor

I have few words to share today, but wanted to share this image.

I am always in awe of the quiet beauty that God places all around us…

Beauty, that drips from the heavens, and springs up from the earth, a continual telling of the glory of God in a language not heard, but felt by the heart. 

Beauty, beheld with the eyes that softly reaches in, 

to touch the very soul.

These crystalline beads of ice strung on thin threads of grass speak that language to me. A love language from God Himself, reminding that if He places sparkling jewels on dried up grass in the field, how much more does He care for me? For you? 

How much more beauty does He have waiting for me, if I will be surrendered to Him like the flowers, and trees, and each tiny blade of grass?

I can scarcely imagine…

But, oh…    
how I want to find out!

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