Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother's Prayer

A Mother’s Prayer

Thank You Gracious Heavenly Father
For making me a Mother
Each child a precious gift of life
That You’ve made like no other

Their design known in Your mind
Before the world began
And knowing how they’d change my life
Was all part of Your plan

Thank You Lord, when they were born
You changed me in my soul
And I marvel how You’re changing them
While in this world they grow

Please give me needed wisdom
To guide them through each day
Praying for Your Light to shine
On paths to show the Way

Bless their lives along each road
With desires from their heart
The deep ones that You placed inside
Their spirits from the start

I know life’s never easy
And they will trip and make mistakes
But You are there to catch them
When my heart for them just breaks

Lord if You choose to take me home
Before their lives are through
I pray that I have taught them well
And they will turn to You

Trusting in Your promise
That they’ll see me once again
Forever with You in heaven
Where You’ve made a place for them

Giving thanks to You for all You do
Our Gracious Heavenly Father
And thanking You, I hope as well. . .
That I had been their Mother

© 2008 Julie Jablonski

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