Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thank-full --- A Family Tribute

It was a grey October day, the day you left us.

Gentle rain was falling in short little bursts, much like our tears that fell with each wave of sorrow, knowing that soon you would be gone.  

As we made the short drive from our home all four of us sat mostly silent, staring far off through the window, holding our breath, holding each other’s hands, holding you so close in our hearts.

Just moments before we had each lifted you, held you tight to our chests, whispered our love into your ears, kissed your nose, and your sweet little head --- your soft little head that you could barely lift anymore. 

Yes, sweet-one, you were so weak and tired --- it was time to let you go.

For 16 years you showed us unconditional love --- such a gift you were to us and for that we are forever grateful.

We are thankful that you were ours to have and to hold for all of those years.

Thankful for each snuggle and kiss.

Thankful for the joy you brought to our family and for the joy you showed each time one of us walked through the door.

Thankful for how you loved to play and how much you could make us laugh.

Thankful that you were part of our world, and that really, we were your whole world.

Thankful can seem like a small word sometimes, not quite big enough to convey the depth of gratitude, but where words fail, hearts feel, and because of you, our hearts are full. . .


Madison Brooklyn Black

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  1. Awww, what a sweet little puppy! Pets can add so much joy to our lives, can't they?

    1. Thanks, Marty. And yes indeed! She brought us much joy. :)

  2. That picture. It shows her in the light. And she certainly is now... just waiting to greet you when you come home to God too. I really don't know what I will do when my pup isn't around any more... and I feel that way after just 2 years!! I just can't imagine letting go after 16!

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, my friend. She was something special and I do hope I get to hold her again one day. Midas is such a good doggie, yes, it's gonna be hard to let him go one day. Writing this actually did help a bit with the healing. All of the pain of the loss is still worth all of the years of joy they give us. Yep. Totally worth it.

  3. I know that same sorrow, with my Maddie, who left us in April. They give such beautiful love, and it's so hard to say goodbye. Beautiful words.

    1. Thank you, Connie. They do give such beautiful love. Sorry you had to say goodbye to your Maddie, too. I'm glad we live in a world with dogs. :) God is so good to give us such sweet gifts.