Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Just one day to give thanks? 

What if we try with our one single life to *LIVE* thanks?

To find ways every day, in every way, to give thanks, show thanks, and live thanks all in response to the incredible gift of simply living.

If only we would remember, deep down in our glory-made souls, that each day is a precious gift from God and never our entitlement. 

How different this world would be if every day we would take time to look up from our selfishness, take a deep breath and a good look around --- at all the goodness around --- and simply say . . . 


Thank You for my life. Thank You for my family, my friends, my home. Thank You for the great-outdoors. Thank You for children laughing, and birds singing, and sun shining, and water sparkling, and hearts racing, and art-making, and joy, joy, joy! There is so much JOY in giving thanks!

Why don’t we do it more? 

When did we forget that giving thanks inspires not only living joy, but also giving joy to others!
How foolish we are if we've failed to realize we were never meant to live these lives for ourselves, but to willingly share them with one another. Each one of us was fashioned with a purpose and has been given a unique set of gifts that no one else in this world has ever had or ever will have. No one has the exact same talents, abilities, and set of circumstances as us and no one in the past, present, or future will live the exact same days in the exact same ways we will.

That’s pretty amazing when you think about it!

And truly, it should awaken us to the fact that this life is really short so we need to be all about using our God-given gifts to bless this world while we have the chance. Not one of us knows for sure how many breaths we've been given, so we should be living to the very fullest each day we find ourselves opening up our sleepy eyes to a brand-new-sparkling-fresh morning.

And choose in that moment to start

Living thanks!

Every breath is a gift, each new day a gift, and every life a gift, to the glory of God.

All to be spent in Thanks-living.

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